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Krugly-god LLC

Greenhouse complex Krugly-god LLC. uses advanced intensive technologies for year-round cultivation of vegetable products in protected ground. Similar technologies have been successfully tested in Finland and other Nordic countries over the past 5 years.


The greenhouse uses the so-called low-volume cultivation technology that deploys high-power artificial assimilation lighting. The main crops grown at the enterprise are cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce.
Electro-supplemental lighting. Two cucumber greenhouses with an area of ​​1 ha each are equipped with 280 W/m2 electro-supplemental lighting (120 W/m2 supplemental lighting in the biocoenosis and 160 W/m2 upper supplemental lighting). This has facilitated the use of continuous cultivation technology if necessary.
The tomato greenhouse with an area of ​​0.9 ha is fitted with a mobile low-power electro-supplemental lighting (120 W/m“). High crop yield is achieved by changing lamp position and movement.
The lettuce greenhouse is equipped with a modern lettuce line that has been successfully tested in Finland and Estonia. Its output is 1.6 times higher than the output of common lettuce lines due to the denser planting. With this lettuce line, we are able to change our varieties of grown lettuces and adapt to market demands through production of new products.


Greenhouse complex "Tulskii"


GC “Tulskii” is one of the largest capital investment projects currently implemented in the central part of Russia.

The first phase of the greenhouse complex with an area of 26.05 ha was put into operation in January 2020.

Simultaneously we are carrying out the preparation of the land plot of the 2nd phase of the construction project as well as the preparation of design estimate documentation for the 3rd phase of the project. After the commissioning of the whole enterprise, the total area of the greenhouse facility will be over 77 ha.

The professional team, modern agritechnologies and high level of greenhouse technical equipment are the main components of our enterprise success and give a guarantee of good product quality to our consumers!

GC “Tulskii” is a whole complex that includes, along with greenhouse areas, its own power center, warehouse space and sophisticated transportation infrastructure, required for convenient year-round vehicle access.


Greenhouse complex "Parnik"


Project implementation period - 2020-2022.
Total area - 50 ha.
Potential for development - expanding the area of the greenhouse complex to 200 hectares.
The productivity of the complex after reaching full production - 24 816 tons of greenhouse vegetable products.
The construction of the following main objects is planned:
- 2 greenhouse blocks with a total area of 48 ha (1st block is standard, 2nd block with a seedling compartment);
- technological corridors with an area of 2 ha;
- electric power supply lines;
- recycling water supply infrastructure with a pond system;
- gas and electricity infrastructure.

A distribution center will be located on the territory of the greenhouse complex, equipped with packing and calibration lines, cooling rooms.
The distribution center will solve the following tasks:
- storage of the finished products produced in the greenhouse complex;
- storage of finished products purchased from the local residents (in accordance with concluded contracts);
- sorting and packaging of finished products;
- finished products shipment.


 Greenhouse complex "Kavkaz"


The greenhouse complex “Kavkaz” is a large investment project being implemented with the active support of Stavropol region administrative authorities. Location - Pobegailovka village, Mineralovodskii district, Stavropol region. The greenhouse complex is designed for the cultivation of tomatoes.
The total cost of the project is 13,907 RUB bn. Project execution involves the construction of greenhouse blocks with phased addition of greenhouse facilities

The project also includes the construction of the following facilities:
- three seedling compartments with a total area of 8,7 ha;
- boiler room;
- complex of auxiliary, service and office buildings;
- recycling water supply infrastructure;
- gas and electricity supply infrastructure.

1 Phase
Area: 41,42 ha
Production capacity: 14 158 tons of vegetables per annum.
Jobs created: 629
Project cost: 7,139 RUB bn
Commissioning: 2021

2 Phase
Area: 41,81 ha
Production capacity: 15 500 tons of vegetables per annum.
Jobs created: 667
Project cost: 6,768 RUB bn
Commissioning: 2022


Greenhouse complex "Solnechnii Dar-4"

solnechnyi dar

Solnechniy Dar is one of the largest greenhouse farms in Russia. The latest innovative technology is used to provide fresh produce year-round. 57.22 hectares of high-tech greenhouses that produce more than 37 tons of high-quality fresh vegetables annually.

The greenhouse facilities are located in the Stavropol region of Russia – an area with more than 300 sunny days per year which allows growing fresh produce with outstanding quality and taste.

The greenhouse facilities are equipped with the latest generation equipment. Computer control establishes a desirable microclimate for plants and guarantees stable year-round yield, regardless of external weather conditions. All processes are regulated automatically: work of the power center, the supplementary lighting system, the temperature in greenhouses, ventilation systems, humidity, irrigation, and fertilization.